The eventual production of 1917 is a surprise to no one, especially with the recent success of Dunkirk. The film, however, isn’t just ‘another war film’ and provides a uniquely sensational experience. The incredible score, cinematography and performance left me leaving the theatre both moved and entertained. The story takes place in 1917 during WW1 where two soldiers are set the impossible task of delivering … Continue reading 1917


Parasite exceeds expectations, not only in regards to the anticipation surrounding the film but with the whole medium. The films ability to perfectly blend tones and address themes raises a completely new standard. It was incredibly enjoyable and not because it was an easy watch, it definitely wasn’t, but because of its intricately perfect construction . The cinematography was flawless, the narrative seamless and the … Continue reading Parasite

Birds of Prey

… and the rest of the title that no one cares about. Birds of Prey is a fun film, as far as comic book adaptations go, but I would warn against going in with high expectations. While the characters had a lot of potential it was the overall execution that let the film down. From start to finish the film was crazy and chaotic, and … Continue reading Birds of Prey

Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit is a film that on premise alone shouldn’t work but somehow it completely does. No one but Waititi, with his particular satirical twists and his ability to construct uniquely hilarious characters, could have made this such a success. As a big fan of Taika Waititi’s previous directorial work, a favourite being What We Do in the Shadows, I was extremely pleased with this … Continue reading Jojo Rabbit

Little Women

Taking place during the American Civil War Little Women follows the March family, a mother, four children and a father away fighting the war. The central characters of the story are the four sisters, Meg, Jo, Amy and Beth who we follow over the course of several years. The ‘little Women’ fight and bond with one another as they shape their ideals and form their … Continue reading Little Women


…as in Crawl straight out of the movie theatre and don’t watch it. This film is full of frustrating narrative plot holes and ridiculous characters who seem hellbent on getting themselves killed.

The story follows the protagonist Haley (Kaya Scodelario), a high school competitive swimmer, who travels back home during a hurricane alert to check on her dad. Although she does find her dad in the basement he is injured and surrounded by alligators, and she ends up trapped too. After a long struggle they manage to escape to a boat outside however, fate ensuing, the dam breaks and the flood water sweeps them back into the upstairs of the house. With some clever maneuvering they again both manage to escape and get onto the roof and with one final close call the film ends with Haley, her dad and the dog safe on the roof.

If you didn’t have anger issues before the film then you’re definitely going to want to book yourself an 8 week course in prep. When logic screams for the main character Haley to not make a stupid decision she puts fingers in her ears and shrieks at the top of her voice. Clearly this is genetic, her father constantly puts himself in unnecessary danger, a torn off arm being the result. The only likeable character is the dog Sugar whose positions of danger cause the only real ‘edge of your seat’ moments; for the rest of the film these ‘tense’ moments consist of one being on the edge of leaving.

Continue reading “Crawl”